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Anonymous: can you please recommend a great gym routine? :)

I’ll try! When I go to the gym I usually go to classes such as spinning, pilates, yoga, abs blast, body pump, boxercise and Zumba, just because I know I’ll definitely stay at the gym for a good hour long workout! However, when I do go to the gym I start on the treadmill alternating between walking on a high incline for a minute and then running on a low incline, then I go to the bike and alternate between low and high resistance each minute. Next I got to the weights machines for about 10 minutes doing arms and legs, with a weight that is challenging bout not painful to do! Then I’ll use the cross trainer or rowing machine and do intervals of high and low speed. Then I’ll go to the mat section and use dumb bells to do squats and lunges and then do about 10 minutes of core work using medicine balls, Swiss balls and resistance bands. I also try to do the plank either on the mat or on the power plate. To finish I will do various leg, arm and core stretches using mainly yoga moves such as the cat stretch and cobra. On average I will spend about 45 minutes to an hour in the gym. I hope this helps you on your next visit to the gym and remember you don’t need the gym to work out and get fit!